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Landscape Gardening - Starting is the only way to get the job done

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Every garden project attempting a landscape gardening work starts out with the best intentions. Regardless of size, every project usually begins with a desire to make improvements – maybe you want to redesign some garden space, or the installation of a patio, fire-pit, or some other feature to add variation and a place for you and your family/friends to have some relaxation or recreation.

When projects get started, excitement, anxiety - or both - might set in, causing confusion and frustration that could stall progress. Worse, mid-project stress can lead to disagreements, strained relationships, or even a failed project. This certainly no way to create beauty and harmony in the landscape. It’s important to work toward minimizing disruption and maintaining peace of mind in order to avoid interruptions and arguments.

Set yourself up to win early

If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed by a landscape project, you might see quitting as the best solution, but it rarely is. It’s just a way out of an uncomfortable situation. Instead, set yourself up to win early by breaking larger projects up into smaller pieces. As you tackle and complete them in an orderly fashion, you begin to build confidence and momentum from this series of small successes. In what seems like no time at all, you’ve suddenly completed your entire project.

Here are our top 5 tips for landscaping your garden;

1.Time: Start with a project that’s a high priority and doesn’t take much time. That should be an easy win. 2 .Money: Focus on cost-effective solutions that provide the biggest bang for the buck. It’s easier to complete a project that has a big payoff. 3. Effort: Everyone has a limit as to how much work they’re willing to do. If you’re facing a project that’s a real struggle, break it into, say, three smaller projects ranked by priority. Focus on the one with the highest priority and get it done. The other two can follow as time and circumstances allow. To make things even easier, avoid creating a situation that can increase risk and struggle by conducting a thorough site analysis of the area, including taking accurate measurements, checking light exposure, creating a plant inventory, and analyzing soil samples.

4. Roles When it comes to landscape projects, there are three basic roles you can play, based on your abilities and willingness:

  • Project manager you oversee the planning and high-level project organization, but you hire a crew to do the actual work

  • Labourer: you’re in the middle of things, doing the work and executing the plan

  • Customer: you prefer to put the project entirely in the hands of professionals, then sit back and watch it all come together

5. Hiring a contractor -Choosing to partner with professionals at some level is often the smartest way to go. By acknowledging where you lack certain abilities Here are some tips for picking the right professional landscaping partner:

  • Choose Certified Landscape Professionals

  • Check for insurance

  • Look at past landscape projects

  • Check reference

If your project could take many months, or even years, consider a temporary solution that will provide the functionality you’re looking for right now, but that you’ll have no problem replacing later with your much-better, permanent design.

Proper planning is the cornerstone of quality landscape work, but at some point you have to actually get your hands dirty. Your plan will inevitably require some changes, so don’t let the planning keep you from starting. Set a start date and keep it.

Don’t know where to start? Hire a landscape professional like us here at Trees Fences Landscapes to assess your property and give you a clear picture of how things need to go. We can provide the clarity and insight needed to create a realistic to-do list and timeline . We help you think of your project holistically to avoid frustration: it’s now not just a new lawn, it includes an improved irrigation system so you can successfully install a new lawn, and that becomes your new starting point.

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